Janet R. Green Chicago

Janet Green recently sold her interior landscaping company.  She is currently concentrating on the things she loves, which are Real Estate Investment,  her clairvoyant/coaching business, Guiding Inspiration,  and art.

Janet studied Real Estate Investment several years ago and recently has been putting more of her attention on it.  She has been working with a mentor and group to help people out of bad situations.  This is an extension of her clairvoyant coaching business as it is assisting people to find housing or sell a home that they are having touble selling. Web sites:  www.BuyHomesRUs.com and www.SellHomesRUs.com

 Janet has several web sites.  Her artwork can be seen at www.janetrgreen.com.

As a Clairvoyant, she reads the energy in a client’s space; obstacles to true power and success are uncovered and often cleared, allowing for new clarity and the ability to tap into the power of their own voice.  Web site: www.guidinginspiration.com

Janet am also a BreakThrough Coach.  She specializes in helping individuals who feel that they are stuck or stagnant in their lives to break through it.  She does this by giving them unique success tools to get measurable results in "The Monthly Mentor" Program.  Web site: www.guidinginspiration.com

Janet has taught meditation to school children in the past, and is currently working on bringing meditation to the Chicago Public Schools with like minded teachers.

She is an avid fisherman (Regular and Fly) and enjoys almost any outdoor activity.  Summertime is a time she feels she can enjoy going to the many concerts that Millennium Park has to offer, and there are so many!

Janet enjoys PhotoReading, learning about the brain, meditation, dining with friends, making new friends, traveling, bicycling and being on the lake.

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